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Workshop Report

BANGLADESH: American International University, School of Architecture

Facilitator: Anika Nasra haque

Anika wrote: 

I am happy with the outcome of my workshop conducted with my students in Dhaka. I took two days prior conducting the workshop, one day for discussing the procedure, the other day for making the model. Then on 16th February, I conducted the final workshop from 8.30  a.m. to 6.30 p.m. The students were really motivated to work on this model after the introductory session before the workshop. And the model was a good one, the students applied their architectural creativity while making it, they made it with coloured acrylic sheet and put an electric light inside it.

The central challenge thrown to them was ‘ Urban Water Logging’, which is the most urgent urban problem faced due to climate change in Dhaka city. The outcome was really interesting… ‘A HYDRAULIC CITY’.


I will write to you in details regarding the workshop next week. Some photographs of the event are attached herewith. More to come with the report.”



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6 thoughts on “BANGLADESH: American International University, School of Architecture

  1. It was really exciting to build a Pyramid…..after many analysis the result is a “Hydraulic City”…..really it is very interesting…

    Posted by Sovon Karmaker | 8 March 2012, 11:50
  2. really feeling happy to see my university…n my department..:):)
    it was really a superb work..:).

    Posted by Jahan Israt | 9 March 2012, 08:23
  3. Glad to hear you found this experience useful!

    Posted by Admin | 10 March 2012, 00:48
  4. So are there any next steps that you are planning to take?

    Posted by Admin | 10 March 2012, 00:48
    • Our class was a part of the workshop and we had a great time doing it.Though the challenge is over we will draw a perspective image that will represent our given solution in a A1 sheet. 🙂

      Posted by enola niaz | 10 March 2012, 11:05
  5. Great! We’d love to see that too! And think of small steps that You could take in order to bring that ideal solution closer to reality!

    Posted by Admin | 10 March 2012, 13:31

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