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Workshop Report

IRELAND: The Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)

Facilitator: Clifford Guest

Fourth-year university students at LIT used Pyramid to investigate a wide range of global sustainability issues their possible solutions, ranging from water and sanitation issues in the developing world to problems in the global financial system, and how they all linked together. Building a creative and natural Pyramid out of willow rods from a university tree plantation, they plastered its sides with their insights, and came up with a long list of ideas for accelerating sustainable development, including:

  • Invest in green technology
  • Empower communities on how to make sand dams
  • Develop more small scale organic cultivation
  • Promote more Education for Sustainable Development
  • Bring back the Irish “Meitheal” system
  • Build more community level resilience
  • Create new indicators of progress
  • Shift from neoclassical to ecological economics

Their full report is available for download:

Download the LIT Tipperary Pyramid 2012 Report


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