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Where it All Began: GIN Manila 2012

On 17 February, the global Pyramid 2012 campaign was officially launched with Alan AtKisson’s keynote address at the annual conference of the Global Issues Network in Manila, the Philippines. Over 400 students worked in 20 parallel groups, using Pyramid to explore solutions to 10 global sustainability issues. For a slideshow of student photos, see:  GIN Manila Photo Album

GIN is a program that links together international schools and students in East Asia who are concerned with global challenges. While Pyramid 2012 is for everyone and anyone, starting with high school students “was a perfect way to kick off this campaign,” said AtKisson, lead developer of the Pyramid workshop. “Students are the future, and these students are exceptional. They already taking a serious role in making that future more sustainable.”

Students were also the workshop facilitators, and they prepared intensively for the conference, including by making a set of instructional videos on the Pyramid process for participants to view in advance. The topics they covered included global infectious diseases, natural disaster prevention and mitigation, biodiversity and ecosystems losses, deforestation, global warming, digital divide, education for all, fisheries depletion, international labour and migration rules, and water deficits (two workshops for each topic).

For more more information on the GIN Manila 2012 conference, hosted by International School Manila, visit this website (scroll down to see links to the student blog and other resources):

Alan AtKisson’s keynote was streamed live on the web and will be available later for archival viewing.


About Alan AtKisson

Writer, songwriter, public servant, dedicated to advancing sustainable development, based in Stockholm


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