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Workshop Report

SENEGAL: Cabinet Espere

Organizer: J.F. Fillaut

The first known Pyramid workshop in West Africa was organized by Cabinet Espere, an Affiliate of AtKisson Group. Cabinet Espere has been working with colleagues in Sénégal these past few years to develop a variety of very creative programs. For this Pyramid, they focused on the question of waste management in African cities, with a special focus on plastic. Participants were “stakeholders involved in urban waste management in African cities: city, county, government, local communities, recyclers, university, financial partners, NGOs, international cooperation officials.”

JF Fillaut reports:  “The capstone agreement was : environmental education !!! In Africa, people do not care about waste and their consequences related to health, environment… At the end of the Pyramid process, we agreed to spread environmental education, everyone with his/her own power of leverage.”

UPDATE: Pyramid group photo


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