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Workshop Report

NEW YORK: Bard College

Organizer: Roberta Fernandez

In New York, second year Bard College students came together to figure out how to get the local Solar Jobs Act to pass the legislature. Divided in four groups, one for each of the sides of the Sustainability Compass, they worked their way through the different levels of the Pyramid during a two-day workshop.

The solutions they proposed included: creating YouTube videos and outreach campaigns, a training program in NY community colleges and vocational schools, a public-private partnership program with grocery retailers called “Solar Produce,” and two solar installation competition programs (“Solar Up!” and “Power by the People”). “Solar Up!” was the idea that gathered the most votes within the group.

Melissa P., one of the participants, reports: “At the end of the second day, as we all stood in a circle reflecting on everything that we had learned and experienced together, there were multiple mentions of appreciation for the new set of tools, new perspective for how to tackle work and life problems, and acknowledgment of how much easier this process was for us, coming from the same education and similar values, than it might be in a different context.”

Read the full account of this event on the Bard College blog »



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