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Workshop Report

RUSSIA: D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow

Organizer: Stanislav Vavilov

How can Russia tackle the exhaustion of nonrenewable resources? A few students of chemical technology from the D. Mendeleyev University in Moscow found a way to get this started. While analyzing the problem they realized that, within the local context, one of the main issues was the insufficient information available to executives, stemming from a rather old-fashioned model of education within universities.

As a consequence, the solutions proposed were targeted to the academic environment where a mentoring system and practical projects in the field of sustainability would need to be implemented: “Education is one of the main leverage points in the problem “Resource Exhaustion”, because especially in Russia, there is no such information in education process at schools and universities”, the group concluded.

If you ever considered advancing sustainability education in your own country, you could draw some inspiration from this step-by-step action plan prepared by the Russian team:

  1. Choose a team of like-minded people
  2. Letter to Dean and other stakeholders.
  3. Letter to the Department of Environment in Moscow Mayor’s office.
  4. Evaluate technical and investment approach with reasonable gains and control points
  5. Financial budget (1000-3000 USD)
  6. Calendar plan (in development)

The workshop also entailed a lesson for the organizers: that it takes a group of very motivated people in order to find solutions to big global issues. They surely were motivated enough to take one first step at the local level and, in the end, they all had “a really great time”.



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