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Workshop Report

INDONESIA: Sustainability Consultancy Company in Jakarta

Organizer: Maria Dian Nurani

In Jakarta, Indonesia, a Pyramid workshop was run with the employees of a sustainability consultancy firm. They collectively decided to reflect on sustainability in general, within the national context.

After a brief analysis conducted in groups, they concluded that most of the issues that their country faced stemmed from the same cause: a lack of human resource quality. Many actions were proposed, such as: awareness raising, workshop and training, coaching, evaluation, improvement plan, training for government officers, setting up an apprentice program, having collaboration with educational institutions, volunteering at school, encouraging companies to channel their CSR budgets for educational programs.

But what could they do right away? They chose to focus their efforts on raising awareness and everyone committed to get involved in the development of a website and an online community where “the members could get information, as well as share their concern and ideas on sustainability in Indonesia, in popular and informal style”.

There are also a few practical tips for running a workshop that we gathered from their report:

    • emphasize from the beginning that the purpose of the workshop is to find grounds for mutual understanding and collaboration;
    • use games and tell a brief story about the tools, in order to engage your audience

All in all, “the participants looked excited”. And that’s exactly how we feel about their ambitious project. Good luck with the implementation and we are looking forward to your further updates!



2 thoughts on “INDONESIA: Sustainability Consultancy Company in Jakarta

  1. Good job everyone. Noticing how Indonesia looks like with populations and political cases, i agree that arising awareness is critical. Good luck with your website 🙂

    Posted by Andy | 11 April 2012, 06:34
  2. Thanks, Andy! Were you a participant in this workshop? If you would like to contribute to spreading the word about Pyramid, give us a sign! We are always looking for enthusiastic people!

    Posted by Admin | 12 April 2012, 15:56

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