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Workshop Report

BOTSWANA: Using Pyramid in National Water Planning

Facilitator: Alan AtKisson

The Department of Water Affairs in Botswana has been involved in a significant restructuring of its work in recent years, and I had the good fortune to visit them last week — in the middle of the Pyramid 2012 campaign — and run a workshop that used Pyramid at its heart.

Botswana is a fast-developing nation, and water is a scarce commodity. Working with a group of about 18 water officials in the country, as part of a longer training organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), we explored the long-term trends in the country using the ‘Compass’ framework, and the groups then selected out key trends to explore in detail, using systems mapping.

Then developed a set of ideas (Innovations) that could be new additions to their current strategic planning process. The remainder of the workshop focused on how to implement new ideas most effectively — especially considering that not everyone likes new ideas! — and we kept with the Pyramid structure and process as we did that.

Our workshop ended on a high note, as participants used the last level to capture their own strategic insights … and then we capped it off. For me, this was a joy:  the first Pyramid in Botswana, my first time in that beautiful country, and a chance to get to know some of the people that are working to make sustainable development (water is so crucial to SD!) into a reality. – Alan AtKisson

Many thanks to Ana Cascao and SIWI, as well as the Department of Water Affairs of Botswana, for making this Pyramid possible!


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