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Workshop Report

POLAND: Secondary School in Śrem

Organizers: Joanna Klak and Anna Gust

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On the 11th of February a Pyramid workshop took place at a local secondary school in Śrem (near Poznan) during the conference “Thinking about the future”.  Students aged 17 to 19 years old discussed the issue of global climate change.

Among the first subjects debated were the possibility of reversing the unfavourable trend of climate change and the ability of individuals to contribute to environmental protection by making small changes into their daily routines.

Although the group had never come across the issue of sustainable development before, they quickly identified not only the obvious factors that contributed to the problem, but also some that go beyond the surface, such as: a “profit matters” attitude, gaps in regulation, personal behaviours, society and state rivalry, diversity of opinions.

Many solutions were proposed, ranging from the more structural ones – e.g. transitioning to alternative energy sources – to small initiatives that could be implemented locally, such as collecting cans and bottles in a school to raise funds for planting new trees.

In the end, they chose to focus on action they could themselves take immediately. As presented in their report: “The Capstone was solemnly placed with all participants during the workshop graduation ceremony. The result of this meeting was 58 declarations of our upcoming action for sustainable development.”

As for the process, “the atmosphere during the workshop was extremely warm and friendly” and the participants considered the potential of the Pyramid tool to support problem solving as being one of the most positive learning aspects of the meeting.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment!



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