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GERMANY: Hofheim am Taunus – Creating Ideas for a Sustainable Municipality

Posted by Axel Klimek – 13 March 2012
Organizer: ISIS Academy, City of Hofheim, Hofheim Local Agenda 21

Almost 40.000 people live in Hofheim am Taunus, a beautiful little city close to Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden.  As Hofheim is the headquarter of the ISIS Academy GmbH, it was an obvious choice to run the first German Pyramid 2012 Workshop there. For initiator Axel Klimek, it was also pretty easy to find competent co-sponsors in the town for this event – the Hofheim Local Agenda 21 and the municipality of Hofheim.

Early in the evening of March 13 the 2nd city counsellor opened the event by welcoming more than 30 residents of Hofheim and asking them to create challenging and good ideas for a sustainable Hofheim. Later that evening we also had the pleasure to welcome the Hofheim mayor, Mrs. Gisela Stang, who joined the workshop after finishing another important meeting and also offered something to eat for everybody.

The Hofheim Local Agenda 21 (HLA 21) presented their results of the NAX – a sustainability index for Hofheim. The HLA 21 was founded in 1998 as a result of the first RIO conference and has been politically active since than. In 2007, HLA 21 started to define goals and measures for a sustainable Hofheim and collect data. All these data flow into the NAX with 4 dimensions, 28 goals and 58 indicators. In the beginning of 2012 the second NAX Report was presented to the public.

With all these very well defined data the participants had a very fruitful discussion, along the ISIS (Indicator, System, Innovation, Strategy) Process to come up with their ideas about a sustainable future for Hofheim.

Here are some indicators, which were discussed as corner stones for a sustainable future of Hofheim:

  • Ÿ  Life quality for elder people
  • Ÿ  Healthy living
  • Ÿ  Cultural diversity
  • Ÿ  Low emission & waste
    • Renewable energy
  • Good neighbourhood & living together – being there for each other and supporting each other
  • Regional supply of goods
  • Environmental protection
    • Through companies
    • Through household
  • Good chances for education
  • Security
    • Housing
    • Violence
    • Enough food
    • Enough energy
    • Waste reduction

On the levels of systems many mutual connections between indicators were made. Especially on the level of “good neighbourhood”  and “environmental protection”, “security” and “good neighbourhood” and many others.

As mobility is very important for a city like Hofheim, which is located close to Frankfurt, the use of low carbon transportation was discussed very much on the levels of innovation and strategy. How could Hofheim support electrical cars and cars with little fuel usage? Ideas came up like reserving best parking spaces for low cab cars and electrical cars.

For most participants this was a very interesting evening, and the time just flew by. At the end many said that it was a very good start and they would have appreciated to have more time for discussions and dialogues.

But also the idea came up to use such an approach to sustainability in the further development of Hofheim — not just a single teaser workshop, but in form of an integrated process.

So let’s see what the future will bring, or what kind of future we will create together in Hofheim – for the benefit of its citizens, but also for the benefit of all people on this planet.



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