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Workshop Report

INDIA: Pyramid for Sustainable Solutions to the Problem of Hunger

Posted by organizers: Anshuman Sharma and Vidya Kishnamurthi

In India, Gene Campaign recognized the problem of hunger in the country and decided to organise the Pyramid workshop on the theme of ‘Sustainable Solutions to the Problem of Hunger’. Despite Government’s efforts and policy interventions to eradicate hunger from the country, India has some of the highest rates of malnutrition and stunting in the world. To bring attention to this subject there is an urgent need to come with a sustainable approach to the problem of Hunger.

We decided to work with youth and announced our first workshop of building Sustainability Pyramid. A young group of 15 students from various colleges and institutes across Delhi, India came forward to be a part of the discussion.

The group explored the long term trends, indicators and causes of hunger. Most of them identified that hunger and poverty are closely associated along with other causes such as inefficient food distribution, corruption, declining land area for farming, climate change etc. The discussion reflected that the awareness about the problem of hunger is a concern for not only the sufferers but also to the society.

Most of the proposed solutions were related to taking the cause to a larger population by creating and spreading awareness. Collectively everyone recognized the potential available space of social media as a powerful vehicle to reach out to maximum number of people to spread the awareness about Hunger issues of the country. A Capstone agreement was made to build an ‘Online Community Group’ to create awareness, to interact and to exchange and share ideas and actions.

The group has successfully started the online community group on Facebook called as H.U.N.G.R.Y. (Hunger Unites Network for Grouped Response by the Youth). The link for the group is



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