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Workshop Report

PHILIPPINES: Still Manila, Different Topic

Organizers: Mariella and Bianca

Continuing the series of reports from the International School Manila, the Philippines, we will now briefly share the story of a group that tackled the topic of “Biodiversity and Ecosystems Loss”

They started by defining some visions for each side of the sustainability compass. Next the group defined indicators and tried to create a behaviour graph for each of these, in order to reveal the underlying trends. For instance, they plotted the past and present situation, as well as their future projections for deforestation (see more details here.

Once the analysis was completed, they gradually moved through the other levels of the Pyramid and discussed ways to assess different project ideas. Methodology was most important for these students, as they wanted to make sure that they would first master the right tools. That is why, before moving to the most important part, the project itself, they decided they needed to learn more. Their capstone agreement involved keeping in touch with the person that they delegated to take part in an online course on how to make ideas concrete. They created a Facebook group to this purpose and, in the light of newly acquired knowledge, they pledge to eventually transform their visions into concrete actionsin their hometowns.

We wish them good luck and really hope that these are just the first steps on a long-life path of being commitment to sustainability!



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