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Workshop Report

INDIA: Sustainable Solutions to the Problem of Hunger – Part II

Organizers: Anshuman Sharma and Vidya Kishnamurthi

After the positive experience with their first Pyramid workshop in New Delhi, Gene Campaign decided to organize a second one with a different group. Here is what they report:

“Seven exciting and enthusiastic students came together to address the issue of hunger in the country from various Universities and Institutes in Delhi, India. The group had a discussion covering long term trends and interlinking and interdependent causes on both at micro and macro scale respectively. Such as wastage of food by people in restaurants or in parties, farmers giving up agriculture and migrating to city as a labour force, influx of refugees adding burden to as it highly populated country.

Everyone keenly noted down the misplaced policies of government which have aggravated the situation of hunger in India like inefficient land use pattern, public distribution system, irrigation system, storage system and implementation of policies, role of corrupt middlemen who swallows maximum benefits giving farmers the minimum and vicious spiral of rising food prices. Exciting ideas and solutions were brought on the table and they chalked out methods on taking the discussion in wider platform through bottom-up approach.

At the end a ‘Capstone agreement’ was reached to engage in further discussion on a wider stage which will be held again by the end of March to mobilize the ‘will’ of spreading awareness at broader level for public awareness, as communication and interaction is the powerful tool and driving force to recognize and identify mutual platform to share, reflect and take actions. We have stayed posted on our facebook page ever since.”

Thank you for your energy and this positive account and we hope that you will continue to find Pyramid a useful tool for your projects!



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