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Workshop Report

POLAND: Faculty of Management and Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Łódź

Organizer: Agata Rudnicka

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“What are the first steps that need to be taken in order to make our city more sustainable?” Students from the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Biology and Environmental protection in the Polish city of Łódź addressed this question by building not one, but two Pyramids!

As always, first they looked at the current problems: bad infrastructure, obsolete technologies, high use of water and resources, low ecological awareness, unemployment. Bureaucratic barriers and old patterns of behaviour were some of the underlying causes that they named. Envisioning what needs to be done was a pleasant part of the exercises and many ideas where vehiculated, from involving the residents into defining the future of their city, to stronger cooperation between businesses and academia. However, in the end they had to choose the most urgent solution: “facilitating entrepreneurship development and promotion of the city, both by public authorities and NGOs, students and residents themselves.”

A positive experience, overall, as “students were highly involved in the discussion and the process of pyramid building”. Thank you, Lodz!



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