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INDIA: Many Pyramids built by Habsut International

Organizers: Vineet Chhatria and the Habsut team

Habsut International is an NGO that “advocates Sustainable Habitat & Sustainability with a practical approach in context of the ultimate environment surrounding us.” Coordinator Vineet Chhatria has been traveling around South Asia for weeks now, doing Pyramid 2012 workshops seemingly wherever he goes — and usually creating several of them in the process, as this photo from Kathmandu illustrates.

The Habsut Pyramid 2012 workshops — in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh — are exploring a wide range of issues, including the Rise of Urbanization, Education in India, Health & Sanitation, and other topics of importance to South Asian youth. They also managed to get their series of Pyramid workshops featured on the UN-HABITAT sponsored website “I’m a City-Changer” (

The Habsut Facebook page is also lively:

We are not really sure here at Pyramid 2012 campaign headquarters, exactly how many Pyramids Vineet and his team have done now as part of Pyramid 2012 … but they seem to have done the most so far! Congratulations to Habsut!


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