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Workshop Report

POLAND: Business strategy for an architecture studio in Warsaw

Organizer: Joanna Krawczyk

In Warsaw, Poland, the Pyramid method was employed as a way to apply concepts from sustainable development to the strategic decisions of a small architecture studio. The problems that they were facing had to do with the negative impact of architecture solutions on the environment, unreliable contractors, lack of private customers, low trust in the local government, fatigue and lack of efficiency among employees.

In the analysis process the participants enumerated 4 key targets for the development of an enterprise in the construction sector:

  1. Nature – high quality of local environment;
  2. Economy – profit;
  3. Society – positive relations with the stakeholders;
  4. Well-being – satisfaction.

To meet those tagrets the company should concentrate on:

  1. Nature – investment in intellectual capital and know-how of employees in the field of sustainable methods of construction to turn the company into a local leader in this field. It will allow to increase the market advantage while improving the state of local environment;
  2. Economy – networking done by employers and employees to gain new customers and improve relations with the existing ones;
  3. Society – the level of trust in the business surrounding of the company is low. In order to increase it the company will elaborate an ethics code;
  4. Well-being – in order to avoid working overtime the company strives to improve efficiency of work of its employees, it will enable them to work flexi time.

Overall this was a success, while the atmosphere was “relaxed, but focused on the main topics of the workshop”.



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