Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Pyramid 2012. More questions? Just write to us

What is Pyramid?

It’s a workshop process. It brings people together to learn about sustainable development, or to plan a sustainability initiative or project.  To learn more about how a Pyramid workshop works, click here.

What is Pyramid 2012?

It’s an international happening. Hundreds of groups around the world — from schools, universities, businesses, communities, you-name-it — will all be doing Pyramid workshops at roughly the same time.

Who can participate?

Anyone! All you have to do download the free workshop manual, invite a group, and do it. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are. Pyramid 2012 is a completely open and voluntary initiative.

What’s the purpose of Pyramid 2012?

It’s all about promoting sustainable development — which is another way of saying, creating the world we actually want. We want to inspire people, engage people, help them learn from each other. And we want to use the results of Pyramid 2012 to help the world.

How can Pyramid 2012 make a difference in the world?

By raising awareness, deepening understanding, generating human energy and ideas … which in many cases will lead to new projects and initiatives. We want to contribute all of these things to the big UN “Rio+20” meeting coming in June, 2012.

Why focus on “Rio+20”?

Twenty years ago, the United Nations’ “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro was the largest gathering involving heads of state that had ever been assembled on the planet. People from all over the world remember “Rio” as the real launch of the sustainable development movement. Lots of good things have happened since then … but we need to do so much more, if we are to meet global challenges. “Rio+20” gives us an opportunity to inject a lot more vitality into the world’s sustainability agenda.

How will Pyramid 2012 contribute to Rio+20?

All around the world, Pyramid workshop groups are going to be generating insights, ideas, and initiatives. They’ll be posting the results of these workshops to the Pyramid 2012 website. We’ll take all that content and turn it into a major report, which we will deliver to the UN. But to be frank with you, the real audience for this report is not really the United Nations, except in a formal sense. The real audience is the whole world!

How is Pyramid 2012 being financed?

At the moment, it’s not being financed at all. Pyramid 2012 is a volunteer initiative. The AtKisson Group, who developed the Pyramid workshop ten years ago, is providing some in-kind support to coordinate the event and set up the communications network. But otherwise, this is a project whose “financing” is not money, but love — love of learning, love of getting groups together, love of engaging with global issues and problems, love of trying to do something to improve global futures.

What are the issues that Pyramid workshop groups should focus on?

That is totally up to each group. Some groups will focus on exploring big problems, such as global climate change; others might focus on something very local, like access to fresh water. It depends on where you are, and what’s interesting and important to you. The “Pyramid 2012” manual provides a list of issues you can use to begin thinking about it, but each group is free to focus on any issue they like as their starting point, their “Central Challenge.”

What if I can’t do a workshop on those exact dates?

Anytime in February is fine. We think it will be fun if most groups are focused on the same weekend (Feb. 17, 18, or 19), but that’s not a requirement. You can do do a Pyramid 2012 event anytime that month. (And by the way, using the free manual, you can do a Pyramid workshop anytime you like!)

What if I have further questions?

Just write to us:  info@pyramid2012.net.  And watch this website, our Twitter feed, etc.!





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