For the basics on Pyramid 2012, see the FAQ. Here’s the background on how it came to be:

The idea for Pyramid 2012 started with an invitation. Tom Mclean of the Global Issues Network invited Alan AtKisson to come to Manila on 17-19 February and give a keynote speech to over 400 high school students. What’s more, GIN decided to organize the whole annual conference around the “Compass of Sustainability” that Alan invented (Nature, Economy, Society, and Wellbeing), and to run 20 simultaneous Pyramid workshops, focused on 20 global issues.

Wow! said Alan. If GIN can run 20 Pyramids in Manila at the same time, why not invite people in other parts of the world to do their own Pyramid workshops at the same time? Make it a global happening!

Since Alan was working for the UN as a consultant, he knew that the door was open for new ideas for implementing sustainable development. Why not tie this to Rio+20? he thought.

Then he remembered that the first Pyramid workshops were run in 2002, in the United States, Sweden, Thailand. Several hundred Pyramids later, why not celebrate the 10th anniversary of this fun, fast-paced, high-energy process for accelerated sustainability learning and planning?

There you have it … the origins of Pyramid 2012! Let’s see if we can double the number of Sustainability Pyramids, in just one weekend … Sign up and join the Global Workshop!



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