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“Joining” just means signing up for our email newsletter! The link below takes you to our registration page.Then be sure to respond to the confirmation email … this is a very secure system!

Please tell us if you’re planning already to run a Pyramid already, so that we can add you to our count. Please at least tell us what country you live in!  (Address info is optional.)  We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening … and ask you to to keep us updated on what you’re doing, as well!

Questions? Write to us:

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4 thoughts on “Join!

  1. Sounds exciting, will get a bunch of people in on this…..

    Posted by Karan Khosla | 12 October 2011, 15:06
  2. i would really love to build pyramids…

    Posted by Phuntsho choden | 4 February 2012, 10:32
  3. I just read the Pyramid 2012 report. I would love to be apart of this project if you continue it after Rio+20.

    Posted by Susan Gibbons | 17 June 2012, 19:39
  4. it’s nice to read about what you’ve done. hope i could actively engaged.. thinking how to collaborate it with creativity education (creative thinking skills) since i work on that field.

    Posted by gita | 2 August 2012, 05:06

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